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Afternoon Bus Dismissal Procedures
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Monday, August 07, 2017
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In the afternoon, we have several buses that are "early buses".  This means they are parked at Dauphin and leave by 3:15.  We announce these buses to the students each afternoon until they are familiar enough with the routes to know which buses are early.

We suggest to the students that if they ride an early bus, they should take everything with them to 5th block that needs to go home at the end of the day and exit the building immediately upon the 3:05 bell.

All other bus riders report to the gym and we announce over a speaker when their bus has arrived.  We announce this multiple times.  Please remind your student the importance of not putting in headphones or becoming distracted in the afternoon so they do not miss their Bus # being called.

Thank you for your assistance with this


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